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  • Styles

  • Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)

    This is the most common and economical box style. Length Flaps meet in the middle.
    Options: Glue ,stapledor taped joint

  • Full Overlap Carton (FOL)

    All outer flaps overlap which makes it usually resistant to rough handling.
    Options: Glued staple or taped joint

  • Half Slotted Carton (HSC)

    Flaps are either on the top or bottom of the box. A Tray could be used for a cover.

  • Telescoping Tray

    Can be used for handling trays for packaging large thin items. The cover is usually the same height as the bottom.
    Option:Glue, stapled or taped by customer

  • Double Cover Box

    This box is designed for very large items. It uses a telescoping tray as the top and bottom of box.
    Options: Center sleeve may be glued or

  • Build Ups

    Corrugated Laminated together for ultimate protection.

  • Five Panel Folder (FPF)

    When folded it has multi-layered ends. Used for longer items.

  • Dividers / Partitions

    This style would divide the product and protect it from moving.

  • One Panel Folder (OPF)

    This would be used to ship flat items such as books and pictures.

  • HSC & Cover

    This would be used for files and storage.

  • Die Cuts

    Different shapes can be cut to specification.

  • Honey Comb Board

    Continuous hexgonal cells faced with kraft paper. Strong and economical core material corr for inner packing.